While on holiday in Holland this summer we met up with some friends we made in Luxemburg last year. Mark, 11, goes to Scouts and asked if Charlie wanted to go along with him. He thought it would be fun, even though he didn’t speak Dutch, but Mark and nearly all his friends speak really good English.

The group met up on Saturday afternoon – 13.30 till 17.30 and was run by the older Scouts and Explorers. Their hut was amazing. A large building, set in a woodland area, with outdoor campfire and large storage shed. Upstairs was an area that was for leaders only.

The Cubs used one of the indoors areas, with an open fire to keep warm, and the Scouts played outside. While there they learn’t how to tie knots and played plenty of games, which everyone joined in on. Even the leaders had a go at the skipping challenge.

The last task was good fun. The whole group held a rope in a large cirlce and each member had to walk around the rope. This helps to build trust and team work as if you weren’t holding tight enough the rope would slacken and the walker would fall.

Thanks to all the leaders and Scouts that made Charlie feel really welcome and wished him the best for his future in Scouting.


Link naar het verhaal dat Charlie heeft geschreven op de engelse website (met leuke foto’s).
Link naar de website van de groep in Engeland waar Charlie veel plezier beleefd